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leaky gut

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2011 11:54 pm    Post subject: leaky gut Reply with quote

This site is fantastic! Very Happy Thank you for all the wonderful information. I think I'm a tough case. Crying or Very sad My kids and I have TONS of food intolerances and sensitivities. We don't eat gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, nuts, legumes, corn,beef, pork, shellfish, potatoes, +++ or fruit/veggies high in oxalates, etc! Rice is our only tolerated grain. We have done the traditional elimination diet, SCD diet (1 year), candida diet (3 months), enzyme suppliments, probiotics. We are so intolerant; we get so sick from most suppliments. We have done low and slow integration, thinking Herxheimer reactions will fade, only to get worse and worse, until our behaviors are altered from so much toxicity. I have done many of the cleansing protocols suggested here, but I keep hitting a wall. I still have parasites (after months of herbal/diet therapies that make me sick in other ways) as I see them in my stool occasionally. Currently, I have acne and rosacea, fatigue, some brain fog, bloating, and a strange swelling in my upper right quadrant (small intestine?) that acts up from proteolitic enzymes, probiotics, too much rice, chocolate, etc. How can I clean out my small intestine of whatever disbiosis is there? I cannot take l-glutamine at this kids and I have a steroid-type reaction to it. We get defensive, irritable and even a little aggressive. Probiotics give me that swelling and make my face break out. I have been to so many different doctors of all different types. I have spent thousands on supplements I cannot take. I do well taking minerals, water soluble vitamins and adding sea salt to my diet. I would be so very, very grateful for any suggestions you have. Respectfully, thank you for your time.
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