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Expansion and Duality Defined

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 20, 2005 8:47 am    Post subject: Expansion and Duality Defined Reply with quote

Co-creative science recognizes that the human form is organized into three bodies: physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual. The physical body, well, you all know what that one is. The mental/emotional body is just that - we have certain thoughts that lead to emotions, certain inescapable emotions that color our thoughts. It adds to the richness of our experience here and helps us to evolve.

The spiritual body is by far the most controversial because of all the varying - and contradictory - information, the huge spread of evolutionary development inherent in human souls, and how ingrained (into our very DNA) it is to be part of our experience here, our culture, our way of identifying ourselves and our entire world.

By 'spread of evolutionary development' I mean the many levels that are all represented on earth at once. Suppose you were to guage the human soul - not place one as being better than another, simply recognize that some people are seniors while others are still freshman. It's possible to do that without a value judgement being attached. Well, imagine about 21 grades. From first grade to 21, figure that's what has been measured so far, and the majority of the souls on earth are in third through sixth grade. It's why we're here - to graduate to the next one.

So let's use technology as an example. On an island was a tribe who managed to survive for centuries cut off from the modern world, to the point where when they saw an airplane, they worshipped it as a god and made straw sculptures of them. 60 Minutes did a documentary on them. It was decided that they would never meet the modern world because they did not have the necessary immunity to withstand our modern viruses. They would have succumbed instantly to small pox, the like, had we, well, contaminated them with our presense and our alien proteins.

To that tribe, a television would be tantamount to a burning bush, gods speaking. We know much differently. That they are "wrong" does not make them any less worthy, less correct, less valuable, or worse off in general than we are. We are just as "wrong" about other things in our view of reality. And because we lack sufficient proof, we chalk many things and ideas up as superstitions, pranks, nonsense, and no one can convince us otherwise.

Expansion means our sensory and/or consciousness grows stronger, accepts new data. An expansion experience is one that increases your awareness enough that you have to refilter and resift what you know to be in alignment and in balance with the new piece of information, experience, known and recognized truth.

Some expansion experiences are difficult. They challenge our "ring pass not," the set of beliefs we hold to be self-evident, such as believing this is the only dimension and there are no alternate earths. Imagine being taken to another earth in another dimension. You might assume you'd gone insane. You might indeed choose insanity rather than update your database to include this concept. If you knew a little about physics and thread theory, you might accept it and keep your sanity. You'd find ways to test the new reality, and gradually it would be worked into your consciousness.

Duality is the concept that there is more to life - and to humans in particular - than we can see. When we say humans are in duality we are talking about the spiritual body, the body that cannot be proven to exist by empirical data. To know it, you have to close your eyes. Oh, auras can be seen by a certain few, and Kirlian photography shows a lot, but it still leaves a lot of room for disbelief. Philosophies that recognize Duality call this intangible other part of us the Higher Self. Co-creative science recognizes the existence of our Higher Self and soul. Indeed, when a person dies, they are instantly about one ounce lighter.

It is possible to become ill due to sensory expansion. For us to see more, to use more of our innate "knowing" rather than relying solely on the physical five-senses, we can short-circuit our nervous system. It's not comfortable - it's a spacy, ungrounded feeling. Absent-mindedness abounds. Flower essences are the best way to rebalance and support the nervous system as it adjusts to the new input.

Much of the world's sadness is the inability to recognize these concepts - that as much as we think we know, there is so much more to know, and it's only by keeping an open mind that we can traverse to new ground.
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Selma Fiegenschuh
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 14, 2005 7:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

okay, so if I had a motto it would be,"It's simpler than they say it is," or something to that effect. I know people have been living on the edge of the rapture, armageddon, annihilation, the end of the world since maybe the beginning of awareness, and all the talk about the Mayan calendar, and the channeling from Kronos on this site and the destruction of the environment we see around us and the negligence of our elected leaders here and abroad,
well, I think all inspiration is channeled, intelligence is far more than and beyond the size of a brain, wisdom is more valuable than intelligence,and scientists know it is only a matter of time and inspiration until we can discover other dimensions or until they open up to us...they know they're there but they don't know how to get to them--

anyway, the simple:
All emotions come from either love or fear.

The things we're afraid of, like people who might do us harm, feed off of the fear we feel as their victims and are encouraged by our reactions and grow stronger. A lot of us have experienced this.

The same is true with love.
The people we love feel our love and are encouraged and grow stronger. A lot of us have experienced this, too.

Emotions are unlimited in that they can be felt in this and other dimensions. If there are beings in other dimensions who maybe love us (angels? ancestors?) or dislike us (?), they feel our emotions, and depending on where they're coming from and where we're coming from, it can effect the strength of their love or dislike (aka fear).

So, the simple thing is to choose love. To believe you are loveable, you deserve love. I'm constantly working on this and telling myself I'm loveable. I forgive myself, I'm okay. Be gentle with me.
I talk to myself a lot.

They say you can only have peace in the world when you have inner peace. Same thing with love.

So the reason I'm rambling on about this is because right now in this time we live in I feel people need to pay attention because things are going to happen, maybe just environmentally, maybe deeper. I read a book recommended by a friend who read a lot of books about metaphysical stuff--she said it was probably the book that changed her life the most, and after I read it I'd have to agree. Divine Guidance by Doreen Virtue.
It gave me an awareness of the forces*angels around me and I've found and experienced a lot of truth in what she has to say. This info combined with other info I've come across makes me think it is important to consciously choose love because by doing so I can affect the strength of my unseen, other dimensional friends.
Really, I could go on and on about stuff. I just needed to get this out there because it feels important but it could just as likely be a puff of smoke. If I had a tv I'd go watch some reality.
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