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Dosha Ailments & Ama Test

The following is a guideline as to which Dosha is most exacerbated and needs pacifying/balancing. This is not dependent on your natal Dosha, it is dependent on your current symptoms. It is important to know whether the imbalance includes Ama or not. Ama must be thoroughly cleansed and removed before doing anything else. If you do not have an Ama buildup, your treatment is very different - a cleansing/detox protocol might make you worse, more depleted.

As with natal Doshas, it is possible to have more than one Dosha out of balance. Combine treatments as necessary if this is the case with you.

If you start rebuilding too soon or too much, you may need to go back to a cleansing diet. If you have to cleanse for a long long time, it is important to take a few days off and get some nourishment. Always be well hydrated before taking on either a cleansing or rebuilding protocol. It is especially important to be well hydrated prior to and during pungent or bitter therapy.


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